Red cardigans keep Mr. Rogers’ memory alive at biopic premier

MARQUETTE — It was a neighborly sight to be seen earlier tonight at the Thomas Theater, where the new film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood had its premier.

Members of the public were encouraged to wear red cardigans to the premier, emulating the signature look of Fred Rogers, more commonly referred to as Mr. Rogers.

The red cardigan ensemble was encouraged by local public television station WNMU–TV, who want to keep the spirit of Mr. Rogers alive.

“When the movie came out, we thought, ‘What a great opportunity to bring his memory back to life and celebrate it with all the people here,'” said Bob Thomson, broadcast manager at WNMU-TV. “Mr. Rogers has influenced everybody as they were growing up. Obviously the kids today don’t know who he is, but all of the older people grew up with him and then their kids grew up with him, and hopefully their grandchildren will get to know him with the movie.”

WNMU–TV also had a raffle of Mr. Rogers memorabilia, along with passing out lyrics to the famous opening song of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, which was sung by moviegoers ahead of the movie.