A U.P. lawmaker wants wolves off endangered list

Courtesy: Michigan Tech

HOUGHTON — It’s not a new issue but once again the gray wolf population issue is making headlines. Do they still need to be listed on the endangered list? That’s the question one u-p lawmaker is asking.

They have been seen all across the Upper Peninsula. Lori Witting came very close to one saying, “It was in my yard. Actually I’ve seen numerous ones, but I’ve had them in my backyard when the kids were little, even a bit older, yeah, that’s not so nice.”

The question of what to do about them if anything has come up again. State Rep. Greg Markkanen wants them taken off the endangered list so they can once again be hunted. It’s a decision that’s made at the federal level, but he is voicing concern now saying the population in Michigan and Wisconsin is at safe levels.

Markkanen says he understands both viewpoints and acknowledges the increased wolf population of 600 to 700. He says he wants to keep it safe. it’s a battle that will likely go on for years.