Eating better during the holiday season

MARQUETTE — The holiday season is a time for friends, family, and giving. It is also a time for good food and sometimes, people set aside the idea of eating healthy and nutritious during this time of year.

Eating healthy during the holiday season is hard–but possible with the right methods and plan.Different tips such as working out and lowering the amount of food you consume can help you stay on track .Also, replacing some Thanksgiving or Christmas items with healthier options, such as fruit, can be helpful.

” Don’t let one day derail you,” said Lauren Spranger, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist at MQT Nutrition. “We go into Thanksgiving and we already feel like we ate unhealthy. So instead of getting right back on track the next day, we tend to just let the whole season go. Keep loading the fruits and vegetables over the holidays.” 

The CDC also suggest trying to eat around your normal eating schedules and getting sleep as healthy ways to get through the holidays.

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