Home safety tips for the holidays

MARQUETTE –The holidays are approaching such as thanksgiving and the probability of fires in your homes start to rise.

The holidays are an key time for cooking,lights and decorations. So it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and use the safest methods during these times in order to avoid any incidents in your home.

“A lot times with the turkey and the ham, you have the electric knives,” said Robert Cochran, a Marquette Township Fire Inspector.

“Watch where the cords for that go, we don’t want it going on the stove creating a potential ignition hazard and electrical hazard. As well some kid coming and pulling on it and pulling that down upon themselves. This is the month for thanksgiving; people like to deep fry turkeys. If you’re going to do so, make sure your turkey is not frozen and do’not do it inside your house or in garage. Do it outside in a clear area. ” 

For more information, you can click here or call your local fire department.