MARQUETTE — A new art exhibit opened November 18 at Northern Michigan University.

The exhibit is titled “Bare,” and it is the final exhibit of the semester on display at the Students’ Art Gallery.

The exhibit includes art from a variety of mediums, including photography, painting, sculpture, furniture, jewelry, and others. Each piece is a representation the artist’s interpretation of the word “bare.”

“The show is basically just the students’ interpretation of the word ‘bare,'” said Maddie Pederson, assistant director for the gallery. “A lot of them went for human form, minimalism, some people went all across the board. We were kind of looking for whatever the students interpreted from the word.”

The exhibit opened Monday evening with a public reception put on by the School of Art and Design and the Lydia M. Olsen Library, where the gallery is located. Cash prizes were awarded to the artists whose pieces were chosen as best in show and honorable mention.

The Students’ Art Gallery is excited to share these pieces with the student body as well as the community. The “Bare” exhibit will be on display from now until December 6.

You can learn more about the Students’ Art Gallery here.