New MAPS program establishing children’s savings for future education

MARQUETTE — The Marquette Area Public Schools Education Foundation (MAPS Ed Foundation), with area fiscal partners, is celebrating a newly established Children’s Savings Account (CSA) program called 1st to Finish.

In an effort to combat the increasing student loan debt in Michigan, 1st to Finish is a universal, automatic, long-term savings account for MAPS students beginning in 1st grade at the four elementary schools in the Marquette area. These CSAs will begin with an initial deposit by a local fiscal partner and allow for student, family and friend contributions to grow the account.

“Post-secondary education is very expensive,” explained Linda Winslow, President of the MAPS Ed Foundation. “We have seen some programs in some communities that have started to fund their kindergarten students. These students would have a head start on funding for their post-secondary education. If you help your students through public schools and give them this gift to fund education once they graduate they are more likely to continue education and graduate. They are also more likely to have reduced student debt and are more likely to be successful in what they choose to do.”

1st to Finish CSAs will be eligible for withdraw by the graduated student to support tuition, fees, books, program expenses, start up costs, equipment and more.

The MAPS Ed Foundation 1st to Finish CSA program will greatly benefit our community as it is proven that CSAs improve: mental health, attendance, post-secondary completion, and the financial capability of families. Meetings with 1st grade families will begin January 2020.

“So we will be providing information to the parents of all of the 1st graders,” said Winslow. “In that month of January at all four of our elementary schools. The four elementary schools that are currently in the Marquette Area Public Schools District are: Graveraet, Cherry Creek, Superior Hills, and Sandy Knoll.”

Marquette Area Public Schools Education Foundation encourages all supporters of Marquette schools to donate to a fund of your interest. Contributions can be sent to MAPS Ed Foundation at 1201 W. Fair Ave (include scholarship name in check memo line).