Publishers Clearing House scam reported by residents to Michigan State Police Calumet Post

CALUMET — Troopers at the Michigan State Police Calumet Post are alerting the public of a scam circulating in the area.

Area residents have reported receiving mailings from Publishers Clearing House informing the recipient of substantial cash winnings. The mailings include a check claiming to cover taxes, legal fees, and administrative fees. Instructions advice the recipient to contact a claims manager for further instructions prior to depositing the enclosed check.

These mailings are not from Publishers Clearing House, the enclosed check is not legitimate, and no winnings will be received by the recipient. Troopers advice the public to discard any of these mailings. Recipients are also advised not to contact the numbers provided.

Michigan State Police Calumet Post troopers want to remind everyone to be cautious of any unsolicited mailings, phone calls, or emails promising large monetary gifts, vehicles, or similar rewards. Residents should also be wary of any calls regarding social security numbers, unknown debt to the Internal Revenue Service, and some utility service contacts. Residents should not provide any personal information or feel pressured to make uninformed decisions.