“Lifting Up: Homelessness in the 906” educates public about homelessness in the area

MARQUETTE — Homelessness in the Upper Peninsula has been a persistent issue over the years, and tonight, multiple organizations teamed up to address it.

Held at the Ore Dock Brewing Company, Lifting Up: Homelessness in the 906 tackles key issues relating to homelessness, as well as things being done throughout the community to help those affected.

“Approaching homelessness, from my perspective, is really easy because it’s a hot-button issue,” said Nick Emmendorfer, Executive Director of Room at the Inn. “People want to know what’s going on with homelessness since it’s bubbling up in Marquette. Tonight was a great way to show people that not only are we working on solutions, but the solutions that we’re working on are actually working.”

The event kicked off Homelessness Awareness Week, which will feature events all week for people to show their support and get involved with the less fortunate.

The event also featured an interactive simulation, where one person had to navigate their way through homelessness to find a place to stay.

Following the simulation was a speech from a former homeless man, and a panel discussion from community members leading the charge against this issue.

For more information on how to get involved, visit their website here.