MARQUETTE — An important non–profit conservation organization hit a significant milestone today.

The Superior Watershed Partnership and Land Trust held their anniversary celebration earlier tonight, where they looked back on 20 years of environmental sustainability and preservation.

“There’s been a number of highlights,” said Carl Lindquist, Executive Director of the SWP. “We’re really proud of our Great Lakes Conservation Corps, the work that we do with communities all around the Upper Peninsula, along with some of the special projects we did with the city of Marquette. But we’re looking forward to being leaders in addressing the issues that affect the Upper Peninsula, and that includes climate change.”

Speaking at the celebration was renowned author and environmentalist Dr. David Suzuki.

Before the celebration was held, a commemorative skiff was presented in honor of Dr. Suzuki and the 20th anniversary of the SWP.

The SWP is looking forward to 20 more years of servicing the Great Lakes watersheds, in conjunction with entities such as 5 different indigenous tribes, multiple universities, and state, local and international governments.