Deer safety tips in the winter months

ISHPEMING — The fall and winter tends to be a time when there is more movement from deer. Drivers around the Upper Peninsula should be aware of some of the issues of that .

With the heavily wooded areas throughout the Upper Peninsula, deer activity and accidents are starting to rise, so drivers should be prepared.

Police officers are urging people to be aware and take precautions in order to keep you, passengers, and your vehicle safe.

“Be highly attentive during the peak deer hours,” said Chad Radabaugh, Detective at the Ishpeming Police department. “which are typically the night time hours or right before sunset and sunrise. Remember, deer don’t travel alone so if you see one deer, its a good probability that there is other deer around. It’s also a good idea to remember that if a deer is in your lane, don’t swerve to avoid the deer.  “

Be sure to look for caution signs and to slow down in areas where traffic is not too heavy. Make sure to be awake and alert, especially at Dawn and Dusk. 

If an accident was to occur, pull over and avoid traffic, then call the police, then your insurance company. For more safety tips, click here.