Live performance at Shiras Planetarium Saturday

MARQUETTE– The Shiras Planetarium at Marquette Senior High School is having a live performance this weekend on Saturday October 26.

The band “Not Quite Canada” will be performing in the Planetarium . Saturday will be the first time the Shiras has ever had a live performance. This will help showcase the new laser equipment in order for the school to possibly get more equipment and events in the planetarium.

“Were working toward offering students the opportunities to learn about careers in the entertainment industry,” said Becky LeBrecque, Director of Shiras Planetarium. “We are trying to weave parts of those into our high school curriculum. So creating laser shows, we have TV broadcasting programs and we’re working toward some radio broadcasting programs. Trying to pull together different disciplines and offer a place for students to come foster some of those entertainment industry skills. “

With this being the planetariums first live performance, this give the band a chance to help bring in positive publicity for the school and themselves.

“Shiras Planetarium has been in Marquette forever,” said Josh Carlson, lead singer in the band “Not Quite Canada”. “It’s a great thing for the Marquette community to have and we’d love to help anyway we can to help benefit and bring money towards this program so they can keep it here. As a band, it’s awesome because we get to play with lasers as well as having more of a visually stimulating show rather just a rock and roll one. 

The planetarium also has Halloween performance next week. For more information, click here.