The Shiras Institute presents $5,000 check to Marquette Senior High School for tennis court renovations

MARQUETTE — Board members of a local nonprofit organization presented a check for $5,000 to Marquette Senior High School earlier today to assist with covering the cost of renovating the Shiras Tennis Courts.

The Shiras Institute, founded in the early nineteen hundreds by George Shiras III, works to benefit the local community through beautification, recreation, and cultural activities.

Laura Katers Reilly, Trustee of the Shiras Institute, says donating to renovate the Shiras Tennis Courts is a perfect example of what the Institute was designed to do.

“As members of the institute, our job is to carry out the mission that George Shiras III set for his funds, which is to provide for the beautification and recreation for the citizens of Marquette and the area,” said Katers Reilly. “And what better way to do that with recreation than here at the Shiras Tennis Courts?”

The Shiras Institute hopes that in addition to giving the students at Marquette Senior High School a better tennis court, the students will develop an appreciation for people in the community like George Shiras III.

“I think it’s important for high school students, while they’re out enjoying this community, to understand that the reason we have such a beautiful place to live is not only a lot of founding fathers and mothers, but because people today in our community are philanthropic and they decide to leave money to benefit this area,” said Katers Reilly. “So I hope students understand that these places with these funny last names on them mean something and that these are people who love this community so much that they wanted to leave a legacy and make it better.”

The check presented to the school today was the final of three checks promised by the Shiras Institute to help fund the renovation project.