Cliffs Shaft Mine Museum hosting first Iron Ore Heritage Celebration

ISHPEMING — Cliffs Shaft Mine Museum will be holding an Iron Ore Heritage Celebration, a one day event on September 14th.
The event itself is to celebrate the people and the rich history of the Marquette Iron Range, and to commemorate a few historical moments.

The event will be celebrating the 175th anniversary of the discovery of iron ore in Negaunee which happened on September 19, 1844. The 100th anniversary of the concrete construction of the iconic A & B obelisk shaft houses at the Cliffs Shaft Mine that took place in December of 1919.

As well as, the 40 year anniversary of the closing of the Mather B Mine in Negaunee. There will also be forge work and metal artists at the celebration showing off their skills and presenting their talent to all who would like to watch.

“We wouldn’t be here if didn’t enjoy or have a passion for what we do here,” explained Mike Ilmonen, Cliffs Shaft Mine Museum Guide. “Of course by having people coming here we can show off our museum and it is absolutely exciting so we are looking forward to that.”

Many local favorites such as Cognition Brewery have specially brewed a craft beer for the event, and many local food vendors will be bringing their food to the celebration as well. There will also be a lot of other fun things such as live music and activities for the kids.

For more information about event you can click here.