MARQUETTE — Today was the first day of classes on the campus of Northern Michigan University, and the school hosted a special event to welcome new students.

This afternoon the university held an opportunity fair called Fall Fest. At Fall Fest new students learned about ways to get involved in campus life and with student organizations. Sororities and Fraternities were also out recruiting new members for the school year.

“Fall Fest is a phenomenal time,” said Nathan Caremba of Tau Kappa Epsilon. “We have over 120 organizations here today, and it serves all kinds of purposes. It helps kids find jobs, it also helps them get involved on campus and helps them find their group, so they can make friends with people that they believe are the right fit for them.”

New students were greeted at Fall Fest with free food, ice cream, and giveaways from local businesses. The festival was a great chance for those new to NMU to learn about all the new opportunities they’ll have this year.