Marquette County Treasurer resigning, taking new position

MARQUETTE — It was announced Friday morning that the Marquette County Treasurer has submitted her letter of resignation and is moving into a new role.

Anne Giroux has been in the position of the county Treasurer since July of 2007, and will be taking on the role of Finance Manager for Marquette County in November. Giroux said the decision to leave the position was difficult to make, but the timing and opportunity were right.

“It is just a good opportunity for me,” said Giroux. “I wasn’t necessarily looking to leave the treasurers position but it’s a good opportunity to get more involved in the budget and a little bit of the higher level finance here at the county. It’s definitely a different part of the county finances that I’ll be involved in but it’s a good opportunity to make that switch.”

For Giroux, she’s enjoyed the last 12 years as the county treasurer and working with the public every day, even when it wasn’t the easiest job.

“I loved working with the public. It’s a difficult job being the tax collector and sometimes foreclosing on people’s homes, it’s not always an easy position,” Giroux said. “But I’ve been able to work with families and allow them to stay in their homes and that’s meant a lot. Helping people get on a payment plan and being able to communicate with the public and explain how property taxation works, and things like that. It’s been fun.”

The next treasurer will be appointed by county officials to finish the remainder of the term after Giroux’s last day, which will be October 31st of this year.