41st-annual Hiawatha Music Festival kicks off in Marquette

MARQUETTE — Marquette is never short of live music. Friday, one of its staple music festivals opened to the public with the 41st Hiawatha traditional music festival kicking off.

However, with such large numbers of people attending the festival, the concern about how they will get to the festival, and where they will park, raises concern. Once people do arrive, though, they are sure to meet new people and have a memorable time.

“It’s just an incredible place to meet people,” said Bobby Glenn Brown, one of the coordinators. “Some of them I don’t see but once a year, and it’s always at Hiawatha. It’s something you can appreciate not only for the music, but then you might become friends or have a relationship and find that you’re going to see that person maybe not throughout the year, but you’ll always see them at Hiawatha.”

For more information about the music festival, which runs all weekend, visit their website at hiawathamusic.org