Keeping beaches clean during 4th of July in Marquette

MARQUETTE — The 4th of July is right around the corner and that means we will see an increase of tourism, celebrations and beach goers. We will also see an increase of garbage and trash along the beaches of Marquette.

Last year the City of Marquette saw an influx of trash the day of the 4th of July. One location in Marquette saw a large deposit of trash and that was at McCarty’s Cove. The Life Guards were able to help clean up most of the trash, but the amount of trash was very overwhelming.

Some of the trash that was left was also dangerous, such as sharp objects, bottle caps and glass bottles. These items can not only harm the ecosystem but other patrons enjoying the beach.

“So please be respectful when you come to the beach on the 4th of July or any day of the summer,” said Shea Kinder, Head Lifeguard at the City of Marquette. “Leaving trash obviously gets into our water and causes pollution to our Great Lake which is not good at all. It also makes our city look a little bit dirty when you leave trash. So when you bring it in just make sure you pack it up and take it out with you. The trash receptacles will be easily accessible for everyone on the beaches.”

The City of Marquette will also be adding more trash receptacles on the bike path near the beaches this year to help deter littering. Marquette City Police are also asking for people to be respectful of the beaches.

They will also be increasing the amount of officers watching the beaches to keep those locations clean and safe for all patrons.

“Should we find somebody that is littering or throwing garbage on the beaches, we will cite them for littering,” explained Cpt. Mike Laurila, Marquette City Police. “First offense is a $75 fine, second offense is $150 fine, and the third offense is a $200 fine.”

In Marquette Code of Ordinances it states: No person shall throw, cast, deposit, damage, lay, place or scatter in the water any lighted cigars or cigarettes, trash, glass bottles and or sharp objects.