Being safe around beaches in the U.P.

MARQUETTE COUNTY — It is that time of year where many people around the State of Michigan will be enjoying the nice weather, especially by the beach.

It is always important to be safe while on the beaches as well.
One safety concern is how hot the sun can be and what it can do to individuals if precautions are not taken.
Heat exhaustion, which is dangerous for children and the elderly, can set in quickly and cause heavy sweating, dizziness, muscle cramps among other symptoms.

“Take your time and take the sun in strides,” explained Shea Kinder, Head Lifeguard at the City of Marquette. “It is humid today and obviously some things have happened already this morning and its only noon. So drink lots of water stay in the shade stay hydrated and if you will be drinking on the Fourth of July, it’s going to be sunny so make sure you’re drinking up glass of water in between each of your beverages. The lifeguards are here and the water is cold enough so if you wanted to take a break and relax, you can. If you are feeling faint or dizzy or anything because of whatever circumstance, please seek out a lifeguard and ask them for help.”

You also have to be aware of where you are swimming as well. Rip currents are common in Lake Superior, and it is always good to know what to do if you are ever caught in one.

“You are just going to relax and swim parallel with the shore and out of the rip current,” said Shea. “Once you are out of the rip current and it spits you out; you are now able to swim diagonal to the shore. So if you do that than just hang tight, stay above water, don’t fight the current. If you fight the current then that is when you are going to get tired and that is when we have problems. So relax, ride the tide, then swim to the shore and start calling for help.”

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