MARQUETTE — With the 4th of July right around the corner, you’ve probably noticed some firework stands popping up around the area, and there are some rules to remember before you purchase your own. Due to a new Michigan law which was passed in December, the only days when it is legal to light fireworks are New Years Eve, the weekend preceding Memorial Day, the weekend preceding Labor Day, and from June 29th until July 4th.

Of course, every city may have their own rules for fireworks, such as in Marquette where the place that firework comes down could also be a problem.

“We even created a clause in our ordinance that you cannot allow your fireworks to land on someone else’s property, which was one of the main complaints that we were getting,” said Mike Angeli, city manager for Marquette. “People were shooting them off in a legal area, but then they were landing on people’s houses, or yards. And that became an issue so we’ve worded our ordinance to reflect that you can discharge them or fire them off, but have to make sure you know where they land.”

It is also illegal to ignite a firework while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance in Michigan, as well as for a minor to possess a firework. Be sure to check with your local ordinances before lighting any fireworks.