Remembering fallen soldiers across the City of Marquette

MARQUETTE — A few events happened around Marquette, two of which were ceremonies with speakers at Holy Cross and Park Cemetery, as well as, Veterans Memorial Mall. People were able to come and partake in honoring fallen soldiers and to spend time with family remembering all of these great men and women.

“So our Memorial Day message out to people is that it is a great time for picnics, a long weekend, but it is also a time to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice,’ explained Wil Weycker, Memorial Day Guest Speaker. “We want to hold those traditions of Memorial Day sacred in our hearts and keep making sure that the ceremonies are well attended so we can honor those folks.”

In honoring those folks, speakers talked about the large amount of patriotism in the Marquette community. Some of the soldiers that were talked about came from the Vietnam and the Civil War era that are buried in these cemeteries around Marquette.

“The Marquette community serves this country,” said Weycker. “Some things that I said in both of those speeches at Park and Holy Cross Cemetery was if you wonder whether your community has served are that you just have to go out to the cemetery and look at the flags right now. You will see an ocean of American flags, which means that person, whether it is a man or women, served their country in the military.”

If you are looking for a way to honor and remember fallen veterans you can make your way to either the Holy Cross and or Park cemetery as well as, the Veterans Memorial Mall in Downtown Marquette.