IRON MOUNTAIN — The Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical center held events in honor of Memorial Day that began on Saturday and ended today.

On Saturday, the annual motorcycle Tribute Ride happened where hundreds of motorcycles stopped at the VA Medical Center. The riders then formed a line to honor and thank the veterans for their service.

“Memorial Day celebrations are traditionally an opportunity to recognize those individuals, most whose names we don’t know and whose face we’ve never seen, but have given the ultimate sacrifice for us, our country, and our freedom” said Chief of Voluntary Services at the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center, Katie Maxon.

Memorial Day and the events held for this holiday are an opportunity for those who have served and families of those who have served to recognize all of the fallen soldiers.

On Monday, the medical center ended their Memorial Day events with a ceremony for inpatients to pay respects to their fallen brothers.

“It’s not just for me and not just for this nation, but outside the borders of our country; the places that people choose and the right that they have to give their own life for someone else’s. That’s a pretty impressive and miraculous gift” said Maxon.

The VA Medical Center takes great pride in serving those who have served for us. Thank you to all who have served and we hope you have had a great Memorial Day.