Crossfit members around the community participate in the Murph Challenge

MARQUETTE — Early this morning crossfit gyms across the nation might have been offering a special workout during Memorial Day. That workout is called The MURPH Challenge.

This challenge is in remembrance and honor of Lt. Michael P. Murphy. He was a Navy Seal that was killed in action while serving overseas in Afghanistan. The challenge itself is made up of 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats, and 1 mile run to finish it off.

“Once you have done it a couple times, you can throw a 20 lb weighted vest and make it a little more challenging,” explained Daniel Young, Owner of BLACKFLY CROSSFIT. “There is a lot of ways to change up the workout, but it’s fun and gives you an opportunity to think about everyone who has served our country. So while you are grueling through this workout and think that you may have it bad right now, but we have it pretty well because of the veterans sacrificed their lives.”

The event is a great way to remember why we celebrate Memorial Day and for what it represents.

“Granted, what we are doing is nothing compared to the sacrifice that everybody else has made for the country,” explained Young. “It’s what we can do and it helps give even more meaning to the rest of the day.”

Even our own Caylee Kirby took on the challenge and was able to finish strong. She ended with a time of 49:17 completing the whole workout.