WAY UP Music Festival kicks off inaugural year

MARQUETTE — Marquette and live music seem to go hand–in–hand, and today live music came to Lakeview Arena.

The first–ever WAY UP music festival is in full swing, featuring dozens of bands for three days of live music.

“We wanted to have this music festival because a lot of people said ‘Marquette’s music scene needs bigger acts and bigger shows,’ and we want to see that big city feel here with our small town charm.” said Bill Digneit, co-owner of Double Trouble DJs. “So Double Trouble, the Radio Results Network and Ahmed Shrine came together and said ‘Let’s make this happen.’ This is our inaugural year and we’re going to keep pushing every year to make it bigger and better, but we need Marquette’s support to do that. We’re very excited about it.”

Already seeming like a success so far, the plan is to keep this festival alive for years to come.

Proceeds from the bar tips went to several different charities.

Non–profits also had booths set up, so this festival was truly beneficial to all.