Buildings roof collapses in Negaunee

NEGAUNEE — The City of Negaunee would like to inform its residents of an unsafe situation in the downtown area. During the evening hours of Thursday 16th, 2019, the roof collapsed on the Kirkwood Building (324 Iron Street).

After the collapse, the Negaunee Public Works Department barricaded the area in front and back of the building. The barricading was provided by the City to warn residents and visitors of the hazardous location by keeping people away from the most dangerous area which is directly adjacent to the building.

Please be mindful of the potential danger that a building of this size presents. At this time, it is unknown if or when further collapses may occur. Therefore, please stay as far away from the building as possible at this time. The City is looking into all options to ensure that the building is rendered safe as quickly as possible.

Further information will be released as it becomes available.