Local students take learning outside the classroom

BIG BAY — Students are always excited when they get to leave school for a trip and for the next three days some local 5th graders get to do just that, but this trip still involves learning.

ABC 10 went to visit the students to see what they’re doing on the trip.



It’s an experience that 5th grade students look forward to because they get to learn in new and exciting ways.

The 5th graders from both Marquette Area Public Schools and Powell Township have been coming to Bay Cliff Health Camp for years to take their classroom studies outside of the classroom and although it’s gloomy and a little bit rainy, that’s not stopping them

“Every year since 1975 teachers have been bringing students out here to Bay Cliff to teach their lessons outside and use the great outdoors as their classroom. Many of our classrooms are science or social studies based” said Camp Co-Director, Mary Bengry.

In total, the students will be spending three days and two nights at the camp. This is one of the few times that they get to go somewhere for school.

“We know it’s a really good thing for kids to experience, especially in this day and age; many kids don’t have an opportunity to get away and have a camp experience” said the Co-Director. “They come out here; there’s no phone, there’s no TV, there’s no internet and they have a chance to connect with each other and with us as teachers and we really enjoy that.”

Many of the classes are science and social studies based but there are traditional camp classes like canoeing, cooking, fishing and shooting.

To Bengry, this experience helps the students take the basic things they’ve learned in the classroom and apply it to what they see around them.

“My favorite part definitely is being privileged enough to carry on the tradition, first of all, and then to see all of their faces and the joy that they have being here. It’s definitely not like the classroom; everyday is a great day at camp no matter what the weather is and no matter what’s happening they are amazing to be around” said Bengry.

For the students, going to the camp isn’t just about the school learning experience, but other things too.

“Maybe the food and getting to spend time in the cabins and the pond water studies” said 5th grade student, Makenna Smith.

All of the students had the choice to go, and for those new incoming 5th graders, it’s an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

Makenna loves her experience so far and wants to tell next year’s 5th graders “to enjoy it to the fullest extend because it’s really fun and if you don’t it’s kind of like you’re ruining it, so just do all that you wanted to do and it will be good.”