Grand opening for U.P. Cyber Security Hub at Northern Michigan University

MARQUETTE –This morning the community came together for the grand opening of the Upper Peninsula Cyber Security Hub on Northern Michigan University’s campus.

The Hub is the only facility of its kind in the U.P. and only the sixth in the state of Michigan.

It provides a place where community members can learn about Cyber Security and different careers in the field.

VP for Extended Learning and Community Engagement VandenAvond, says the job market for cyber security professionals is expected to quadruple in the next 3 years

VandenAvond thinks this will impact people’s ability to engage in the Cyber Security Industry, but to also keep people here in the U.P.

“We’ve always had the problem of having really smart people in the Upper Peninsula, who then have to leave because there aren’t that many job opportunities. Cyber Security is a profession you can engage in remotely. What we are hoping to do is, not only train people in the U.P., but allow them to stay. They can either work for a business that is somewhere else as a remote employee or open their own Cyber Security businesses right here,” said said Steve VandenAvond, VP for Extended Learning and Community Engagement.

For more information about the Upper Peninsula Cyber Security Hub click HERE.