Room at the Inn in search of volunteers and support

MARQUETTE — The room at the inn is in search of assistance to help them with resources. The group has expanded their summer and winter hours this past year to give more support to people in need.

This expansion in hours of operation increases the need for supplies and help so that the Room at the Inn can continue their operations. It’s important that the facility is able to help these individuals as much as possible due to the that fact a large percentage of its members are from the Marquette county area.

“It is important for the community to participate down at the room at the inn because 88% of our members are from Marquette County,” said Nick Emmendorfer, executive director for room at the inn. “They are our neighbors and we need to start recognizing them as just that.”

The group hopes to add 1–2 more volunteers on each shift and to see an increase in food donations to help support the cause. The group also just received a generous donation of $500 from Huntington bank that is based in the Marquette Meijer.

This donation will go to supporting the operations at the Room at the Inn.

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