Family Video in Marquette begins offering CBD products

MARQUETTE — You can pick up a DVD, a box of popcorn and now CBD all for movie night at Family Video in Marquette, and now the rental chain recently started selling CBD products.

CBD, or Cannabidiol , is a compound found in the cannabis plant. It has health benefits like reducing anxiety, arthritis, and depression. Health benefits like that is what led the President to bring CBD to his Family Video business.

“Our product is THC free, not all CBD is THC free,” said Claire Morgan-Heredia, Store Manager. “Some of them do have trace amounts of it, but ours does have zero THC in it. I think it’s important, because it’s not available everywhere. There is a stigma about it, so I think people just need to be open–minded and aware it can help and they have nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Family Video is offering a wide variety of different CBD products, ranging from lip balms to water, to even gummies.

Family Video is located on 1110 W Washington Street.