MARQUETTE — Opioid use and abuse was the topic of conversation today for some area professionals.

The 2019 Opioid Summit brought together healthcare, law enforcement, educators and addiction specialists to learn about the latest on efforts taken to address the opioid epidemic.

Speakers had topics that ranged from the history of opioid use to how opioids are connected to human trafficking.

“To really respond to this is going to take a collective effort. It’s not solely a law enforcement issues, it’s not solely a healthcare issue, it’s not solely an education issue, but it is all of those things” said U.S. Attorney, Andrew Birge. “Ultimately the idea is with that information sharing of those who are in this room can be empowered to get out in the community and explain what members of the community can be doing, as well as what they themselves can be doing to respond.”

Community members are also able to join in the conversation on opioids at the U.P. Opioid Community Awareness Event.

The community event is from 6–8 p.m. on April 10, at Jamrich Hall on NMU’s campus.

In the end, the objective of having these conversations is to be able to save lives from opioid and prescription drug addiction.