MARQUETTE–  Over the weekend, the Superior Dome hosted the UP Builders show, attracting businesses and building project enthusiasts alike.

Featuring a multitude of vendors, the event gave local businesses a unique opportunity to network and meet potential customers.

“What I like to get out of the builders show is to find customers that I can go to work for, do a great job for, and make them happy and make their lives better and honestly. And through doing works such as that, make my living. So it works out to be very nice to be a symbiotic relationship and helping people. What goes around comes around,” says Trey Huddle, owner of Apex Construction, one of the vendors at the event.

The UP Builders show is a 3 day event that featured everything that has to do with building, including contractors, suppliers, insurance and banking.

The show has been going on every year for over 45 years.