More flights to Detroit available at Sawyer International Airport

KI SAWYER — With the increase of travel going on in the U.P. airports are in need of adding more flights to certain locations.

So to curve this problem for frequent and or casual fliers, one location in Marquette County did exactly that.

The Sawyer International Airport has officially announced a second daily flight to Detroit in the afternoon, effective this month.
This will not only increase business at the airport but also give the opportunity for people to travel at different times.

“We feel that this will add a fair amount of flexibility for our travelers,” explained Sawyer International Airport Manager, Duane DuRay. “It will give us a little bit more capacity and also allow us for the chance to have a back up flight if another is cancelled or delayed, therefore getting you back to Detroit and on to your next destination.”

For more information about when the flights are and where to purchase tickets you can click here.