Gladstone Public safety raising money for K-9 unit

GLADSTONE — The Gladstone public safety department is working on a fundraiser that will bring a new recruit on to the force.

Officer Ryan Peterson with Gladstone Public Safety has been and is still raising money for the department’s first-ever K-9 unit. The unit will be utilized in an assortment of ways, one being a deterrent for anyone producing and selling illicit drugs in the Gladstone area.

The public safety department wouldn’t be the only ones benefiting from the K-9 unit, either. The new recruit would be a part of a Community outreach which would be an essential part of the program.

“It isn’t just the citizens of Gladstone that are going to benefit, it is going to be all of Delta County that is going to benefit,” explained Gladstone Public Safety Officer, Ryan Peterson. “It is truly a community dog, not only is it going to be a police dog, but it is also going to be integrated into the schools and various programs that I have agreements in place. It is also going to be worked into some adult care homes and visit the elderly.”

Even a local business is helping with fundraising by selling drink ware with a logo. The fundraising for the K-9 unit is about half way completed.

Now if you are looking to help with the cause you can click here for more information about donating.