Range Bank donates to Women’s Center Shelter Campaign

MARQUETTE — Range Bank recently donated $5,187 to the Women’s Center Shelter Mortgage Matching Campaign.

The campaign’s goal is to pay off the mortgage of the Women’s Center’s Harbor House shelter, which is the only domestic violence shelter in Marquette and Alger counties.

The Women’s Center campaign to pay off its shelter mortgage includes a matching gift opportunity.

The donors, Rod and Holly Aldrich, said they would match all gifts in 2018 directed to pay off the $507,000 mortgage.

Range Bank’s core value is to have a strong community and support one another.

“We feel that the Women’s Center and the Harbor House is extremely important to the community, because we need to have a strong community and have support for people who are struggling with violence and domestic abuse,” said Roxanne Daust, President and CEO.

Range Bank says it was a great opportunity to double their contributions, because they are receiving matching funds.