Marquette County Sheriff Greg Zyburt speaks about Marijuana laws

MARQUETTE COUNTY — With the new legalization of recreational Marijuana, it has led to many early changes for the Marquette County Police Department and how their jobs have been affected by the changes in the law.

So with the new changes comes the confusion of what the law states and how it is applied through law enforcement.
Marquette County Sheriff Greg Zyburt spoke at a community meeting with some local businesses about these laws and to explain the changes and the effects on law enforcement.

“Be it searches and it used to be that smell of Marijuana would allow you to go further and have someone exit the car or vehicle, now that’s not true anymore.” explained Marquette County Sheriff, Gregory S. Zyburt. “The use of drug dogs, you know if a dog is trained to hit on Marijuana is that dog any good anymore. This is because if the dog does get a hit on a car, how are you going to know what drug that dog is hitting on. So there have been some challenges for us that we need to learn more about also.”

With those changes that law enforcement are going through there will also be changes within the community.
So it’s important that people become educated about the new laws and have conversations about positive and negative aspect that the future may hold for the community.

“Not until it affects you, is when you want to do something.” added Zyburt. “You have to be proactive and get involved now as well as learn about it and get educated. So those negative things don’t happen and it was a really good open discussion about the future. What we do now will have an impact on the future of how things go in Marquette County.”

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