Marquette Mountain hosting ski race this weekend

MARQUETTE–  This weekend, hundreds of young athletes will be making their way to Marquette Mountain for one of its biggest events of the year. Skiers aging from 14 to 16 will be in town to participate in the Bob Hosking Jr. Championship race, which will be taking place Friday through Sunday.


This event will bring a lot of out–of–towners to the mountain and nearby businesses in what is normally a slow time of year, but the locals won’t be pushed out by the crowds. With no lodging at the mountain, this event will impact a lot of businesses that are in the area.

“What I’d like to let the community know is this is going to be a busy weekend for us,” said Andrew Farron, the new general manager of Marquette Mountain. “I hope that they will give us some patience with the parking situation that will inevitably occur. And the races will be done around 4:30 or 5 o’clock, so that’d be a great time to come out and get some turns in.”

Marquette Mountain is offering special prices for the rest of the season, with lift tickets costing $25, and rentals for $15.