Schools from across the U.P. faced off in science competitions

MARQUETTE — Middle schools and high schools from across the UP faced off on Saturday in math and science-based competitions.

Students participated in a variety of events, including exercises in physics, astronomy, model building and others.

“I think the goal is just to get them interested in the topics of STEM education, and to really show their areas of expertise that they might have,” explained Program Coordinator at the Seaborg Center, Renee Jewett. “Maybe it’s in forensics, maybe it’s in physics, maybe they’re best at building a mousetrap vehicle for today to compete and do their best to win 1st place. So for students it’s just an experience for them to show that academics really mean a big thing to them, STEM subjects in particular.”

Winners from Saturday’s competition will get the opportunity to compete at the state level in Lansing in April.
This is the 31st year NMU has held Science Olympiad.