Room at the Inn provides relief from harsh conditions

MARQUETTE — With the bone chilling temperatures we’re seeing for a few more days, it’s extremely important to seek shelter.

For some people, however, a warm place is harder to come by. For homeless individuals, there is the warming center and Room at the Inn. During the day, the warming center on Washington Street provides relief from the harsh conditions. Room at the Inn is a system of churches that work together to ensure people have a safe place at night.

“They have a schedule, and if you’re able to access the internet, just search ‘Room at the Inn,’ and it’ll give you the schedule to the churches that are available, and they can go there at night so they have a place to stay warm,” said Marquette County Emergency Management Coordinator, Teresa Schwalbach. “They also have the Warming Center during the day, for people to stay warm and get food.”

The Warming Shelter is always looking for volunteers to assist in their day to day operations, as winter weather means more traffic. The Inn’s schedule is available HERE.