Counterfeit bills discovered at Ishpeming gas station

ISHPEMING — The Ishpeming Police Department is currently investigating an incident involving the use of counterfeit bills at a local gas station.



Last Friday, an unnamed gas station in the area became aware that they were given a counterfeit $100 bill. Upon further investigation, another fake bill was discovered.

The police department has interviewed a person of interest in this case.

Detective Radabaugh urges the public to be cautious and aware of bills they may unintentionally pass around.

“These particular bills that are circulating – we have two, now that we’ve taken them in, but within the last year we’ve had one or two here and there taken in, as well,” said Ishpeming Police Detective, Chad Radabaugh. “So, they are circulating around the UP, I would say.”

These particular counterfeits clearly read “FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY,” possess a blue tone, and have different markings and paper quality.

According to Radabaugh, the biggest thing to look for is reflective markings that should be present on modern bills.