UPAWS expected to debut their new shelter soon

NEGAUNEE — After years and years of dreaming, anticipating, and planning The Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter will be moving to their new location.



UPAWS will be closed January 14 through January 28 to transition into their new shelter which will be located in Sands Township.

UPAWS is excited to start providing a much more comforting place for all of their animals.

“Original Shelters or Humane Societies that were built years and years ago didn’t have the long term health and comfort with the animal in mind. Our new facility really does look at each specific animal and their personality. It really tries to tailor a comforting living space based on that,” said Kori Tossava, Executive Director of the Upper Peninsula Animal Shelter.

UPAWS will be closed to the public for adoptions; however they are still there for any stray animals.

If you have been thinking about getting a furry friend, this week UPAWS will be doing an adoption promotion where all animals are free.

Their goal is to get the animals in comforting homes as they transition into their new home.

UPAWS has set January 29th as a tentative and hopeful first day.

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