Salvation Army’s in Marquette County help families in need

MARQUETTE COUNTY — The Salvation Army’s in Ishpeming and Marquette are hosting an event where some families can get their kids presents for the holidays.



Salvation Army in Ishpeming alone will be serving over 366 kids and 200 families.

Every family was given a time to come through to come and pick out toys and gifts for their kids.

The volunteers helped families pick out gifts and they were all happy to be making a difference in the community. But each family will also be going home with something a little extra.

“In addition we got a large donation of food,” said Salvation Army’s Cpt. Doug Winters. “So families will be walking away with Christmas baskets for the families that are coming. So turkey, mash potatoes, stuffing, a couple of vegetables, even a pie and whip cream for every family.”

This event could not have been possible without all of the generous donations from the community of Marquette County.