How to cook a turkey according Aspen Ridge students

ISHPEMING — We know cooking Thanksgiving dinner isn’t easy, that’s why we got some advice, from Aspen Ridge Elementary kindergartners about how to cook the perfect turkey.

Before the big, stressful day the class got to make turkey hats to get into the spirit of the holiday.

From baking it to frying it, you might not think your young tykes know what goes into making Thanksgiving dinner, but you might be surprised.

How do you cook a turkey? “Put it in the oven and then slice it,” said  Bazil Hill and Elias Bursack, Kindergartners.

How do you cook a turkey? “In the Oven,” said Lily Kessler, Kindergartner.

How do you cook a turkey? “You might want to cut it so you can eat it,”said Ryan Carlson, Kindergartner.

Do you know how to cook a turkey? *Shakes head no.* Avery Nault, Kindergartner.

Did you guys name your turkey? “Gobble gobble,” *Laughs* said Maddox Halamka and Isaiah Miller, Kindergartners.

We hope you enjoyed the cute explanations, from the Aspen Ridge Elementary students.

From all of us here at ABC 10 we wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving.