MARQUETTE — Over the past few weeks the Marquette City Fire Department has noticed that several items have gone missing from the life rescue stations at the beaches around town.

On Tuesday, they posted on social media about this issue and the potential consequence if you are found removing the equipment.

The main places of concern for the Fire Department are McCarty’s Cove, Clark Lambros Beach Park, and South Beach Park.

“Basically we’ve had life rings taken, life jackets, a couple torpedoes. So far, we haven’t really had anything returned yet” said Marquette City Fire Inspector, Tom Dunleavy. “Earlier this summer we did have a couple items returned, we actually had a buoy that was missing, one of the no–swim buoys that was out in the lake, and that was returned. But other than that, we haven’t had a lot returned.”

This problem has been going on for the last three years.

It is a concern for the Fire Department because the equipment is necessary in the event of someone needing to be saved.