Community Foundation of Marquette County Celebrates 30 Years

MARQUETTE — In 1988, The Community Foundation for the Marquette County began with a small, dedicated group of committed locals, and $30,000.
Now, the organization manages over $17.4 Million in assets and is celebrating 30 years of success at Northern Michigan University this evening.

Over the 30 years this organization has given out 6.8 million dollars in grants and scholarships to the people of Marquette County.

The group gave out Catalyst awards to honor four local figures that have made a difference within the community. This celebration helps show gratitude to all who have put forth effort into making Marquette County a strong and safe community. They also want to show what the organization is all about.

“Well the Community Foundation is the spirit and the life of the people in Marquette County,” said Chief Executive Officer, Gail Anthony. “You can have all of the industry you want or you can have all the businesses you want. Although when it comes down to people taking care of people, we are pretty good at that in the U.P.”

They also had a group of students to come in and sing the Super Yooper song that was helped developed through the Superior Watershed Partnership.
In efforts to support this partnership with local students they were raising money through the sale of Yooper Bars.