MARQUETTE — If you haven’t heard already, Northern Michigan University (NMU) launched a new mobile app.



Last fall, NMU began working with the university’s student government organization to find out what their students were looking for in a mobile app.

The app was officially launched on Friday, August 24th, before school began.

“We’ve got a lot of really cool features, students have access to academic and event calendars for the university, we’ve got our campus directory, information about the dining venues on campus, police services, athletics, library services” said NMU Assistant Vice President for Information Services, Felecia Flack.

Students have the ability to look at their grades and course schedule as well but, the mobile app is not just for students.

“Right now, we’ve got three personas that are part of the app. Community, alumnae, and student. And by have separate personas, it allows us to customize the information that each one sees” said Flack.

NMU has had an app in the past, but this one, now released with new features is going to allow the users to find everything in one place.

“The benefits of the NMU app are that it really is an efficient and quick way of providing people with access to information and services” said Flack.

The app is available on IOS in the App Store and in Google Play for Androids.

Now, this is the first version of the app but it’s still in its basic form. They do have plans for updating it, which include push notification for grade updates and class cancellations.