New parking regulations in place at Presque Isle park

MARQUETTE — Visitors to Presque Isle Park may have noticed some new signage along the backside of the island on Peter White Drive.

A handful of ‘no parking at any time’ signs have been placed near the locations of Black Rocks and Sunset Point, to help mitigate traffic flow for safety purposes. Especially in the summer months, the isle becomes congested with pedestrians and traffic parked on the side of the thin road, prohibiting easy access to the island for many, and sometimes emergency personnel.

“We encourage people to find offsite parking,” said Captain of the Marquette Police Department, Mike Laurila. “We encourage people, for instance, to park, if you can, in the marina areas or park in designated areas as you enter the island. Take a walk in and enjoy the island.”

The police department says they are continuing in their efforts to educate the public about how to make the island more enjoyable and safe for all.