Attorney General’s office encourages online safety

ISHPEMING — An informational presentation on computer safety was held at the Salvation Army in Ishpeming Thursday evening.

The event is part of a presentational series promoted through the Attorney General’s office to help expand the knowledge of scams online and beyond. Scams do not discriminate and target all who are unlucky to come across one. These online scams are hard to recognize and can cause a large amount of damage if you don’t know what to look for.

“The two questions that we recommend people ask themselves is: ‘What am I posting, and can it be used against me,’ and ‘Is what I’m about to click on or look at from a legitimate source,'” said  Consumer Education Presenter, Jake Putala. “If you ask yourself those two questions,  it’ll prevent yourself from getting into a dangerous situation online, and it’ll help you from getting scammed or clicking on a link that may affect your computer.”

Putala also says to make sure your personal information, including your passwords, stay safe and secure.