A local field of sunflowers blooms with prosperity

ROCK — Rows and rows of bright sunflowers 18 acres to be exact. Farmers Dan and Teressa have been growing the sunflowers for 9 years now.

They start growing them in late May, for the black oils for the bird seeds that get harvested in October.

They opened their sunflower field to the public just 2 years ago.

“We had a couple teenagers ask to do their senior pictures and then we had somebody ask to do their engagement pictures. We thought well why don’t we just try to open it to the public and see what they think. See if they enjoy it as much as we do,” said Teressa Hall, Owner.

The farmers added a path to walk through, viewing stands and plenty of activities for kids to enjoy.

They even encourage folks to bring a picnic to the field. But while you are wandering these fields, you might run into some surprise guest.

“We have Mr. and Mrs. John Deer and then down farther in the field we have Nappa Nick. It’s just kind of neat to do, the kids love to find them. A few of the sunglasses have gotten moved around and we have an interesting new guy. It’s kind of neat and really fun,” said Hall.

And once these bright beautiful yellow petals turn into brown, they will then turn into bird seed.

“We harvest them and we store them. Then we bag them and sell them right here off the farm, we sell them in 30 pound bags. We can sell in larger quantities or smaller quantity if requested. We just sell them right here off the farm, so we kind of do the whole process,” Hall added.

They are expected to get 18 ton of seeds this harvest season.

Hall farm’s is free admission, but they do encourage donations.

For more information on Hall Farm’s you can click HERE.