A family owned and operated business has been running for 85 years

ISHPEMING — This family owned and operated business has been running for four generations. The owner’s grandfather and great-uncle started OK Industrial back in 1932 with their first auto shop, but that wasn’t the end.



“Parts became real hard to come by so they decided to get in the auto-parts [business].” said 3rd generation owner, Brian Larson. “They incorporated it in 1932, their first parts store, and they grew all the way up to 1961 and they had 16 part stores.”

At its height, the business had 17 stores that services all of the Upper Peninsula, parts of Wisconsin, and below the Mackinac Bridge.

“In ’61 they split and they made headquarters here in Ishpeming” said Larson.

Larson’s father and uncles took over the business but after time they began selling the stores off. Larson felt that he needed to buy one of those locations.

“I bought it from the company that was buying all the stores, well buying a number of the stores. Some of the store got sold to the employees” as Larson thought back on the time he acquired the business.

After 86 years, the Ishpeming location is the only OK Industrial left and they still service the same areas as before.

Larson has always taken care of people and feels that his family’s company has allowed him to do that.