Hiawatha Music Festival begins their 40th annual celebration

MARQUETTE — A beloved local tradition is back for another year. The Hiawatha Music Festival officially kicked off Friday in Marquette.

Over the course of this three-day long event, thousands of people are expected to stop by. At the festival, you can find local artists selling their work, food, and of course live music for hours.

This is the 40th year the festival has occurred. It started out in an open field in Champion, and over time, found its way to Tourist Park in Marquette.

“People like myself, who maybe first came to Hiawatha in their 20’s now have children that are 20, and they have children – I think it’s really blossomed into something that’s become like a reunion, or not just about traditional music, but a tradition for families to come and enjoy a weekend together,” said Festival Information Coordinator, Bobby Glenn Brown.

Tickets are available every day of the event on location, and people of all ages are invited to participate.