Students give their phone a break for a new activity

ISHPEMING — High School Students from the Keweenaw Peninsula came down to Marquette County today, to learn how to shoot Archery.

Straight Line Archery wants to expose the younger crowd to one of America’s favorite sport.

While it’s a lifelong skill that could be used, this is also a fun activity to do inside on a hot summer day.

This also helps kids start interacting together and give their phones a break and even help break barriers.

“I think it’s good for socialization, because no one talks to anyone anymore. It’s all texting, so this is good that they actually get to work as a group and converse with everybody face to face. I think it makes it worse for them later in life when they get a job to interact with their co–workers,” said Shelley Saxwold, Owner of Straight Line Archery.

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